Bluetooth Color Changing Rock Lights

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Our Colour Changing Rock Lights operate remotely through your android or ios device via an app and Bluetooth. You can set custom colours, custom patterns, flash, fade, strobe, brighten and dim, sync to music and much more!

Kit Size:    Wattage:    Lumens:
4 Piece      9w Each      500 Lm Each – 2000 Lm Total
6 Piece      9w Each      500 Lm Each – 3000 Lm Total
8 Piece      9w Each      500 Lm Each – 4000 Lm Total

Package includes:

1x 4,6 or 8 RGB LED Rock Lights

1x Bluetooth control box

1x set of backing grommets & hardware


Please review the instructions thoroughly before any installation or operation of the lights. Professional installation is highly recommended.

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